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I Brush Every Day; Why Are My Teeth Losing Their Whiteness?

Aug 02, 2023
Nothing makes you hesitate to show your smile like stained, discolored teeth. Did you know you can struggle with stains no matter how often — or how well — you brush? Learn about staining, advanced whitening treatments, and more here.

It’s a conundrum. You take meticulous care of your teeth, including brushing well twice a day, yet you still notice that your pearly whites aren’t, well, pearly white. It’s discouraging, to say the least, and can make you self-conscious about showing the world your smile. 

Sometimes your teeth can become dull and less than dazzling not just by what you don’t do, but because of other factors, only some of which you can control. 

Fortunately, in addition to offering routine dental care, dental restorations, and emergency dentistry, the talented team at Plaza Dental Group offers teeth whitening treatments that restore whiteness and brightness for patients in a truly impressive way. 

Why do teeth lose their whiteness?

Many more factors than oral hygiene determine how white your teeth are. These include:

  • Certain foods and drinks, like tomato sauce, dark berries, and red wine, cola, and coffee 
  • Smoking
  • Dental trauma
  • Some medications
  • Aging 

If you are disappointed in how your teeth look due to staining and discoloration, talk to your Plaza Dental Group dentist about whether you’re a good candidate for the professional teeth whitening treatments we offer. If you’re getting treated for gum disease right now, it’s best to wait on whitening, but if your dentist gives you the green light, you’ll enjoy a brighter smile soon!

What’s involved with professional tooth whitening?

Your teeth whitening experience at Plaza Dental Group will vary a bit depending on which of our three available treatment options you choose. Your dentist can help you arrive at the best one for you.

  1. ZOOM! Whitening 

This treatment is comfortable, easy, and quick. From start to finish, it only takes about 90 minutes, and during that time you can relax. Your Plaza Dental Group hygienist places protective barriers to prevent the whitening solution from making contact with your inner cheek and soft gum tissue.

Next, they paint on the specially formulated whitening gel, which is activated by shining a special LED light onto your teeth. The result? Teeth that are multiple shades whiter! You leave our office feeling great and looking fabulous! 

2. KӧRWhitening

KӧR Whitening uses customized trays made from molds taken of your teeth, so an exact, snug fit is achieved. 

The treatment helps your teeth absorb oxygen, which in turn breaks up stain molecules. You wear the trays for a two-week period, at night while you sleep. KӧR treatment is comfortable, doesn’t interfere with your day, and delivers unmatched results. 

3. At-home whitening trays

For some of our patients, the convenience of bringing whitening trays home and deciding when giving themselves treatments fits best with their schedules is a superior option to undergoing a longer office visit. 

These trays are completely customized to your teeth and mouth as well, so the whitening gel goes exactly where it should. You  wear your whitening trays for a few weeks, and your dentist instructs you as to how long you should wear your trays each day. 

Patients who choose this option often also like the fact that results are more gradual and subtle, and tooth shade changes over time. 

No matter which teeth whitening treatment you visit us for, we can go over each option’s unique benefits to arrive at the best choice for you. And we predict you’ll be smiling from ear to ear when you see your gorgeous, megawatt grin!

Call our West Des Moines, Iowas, office at 515-224-5999 to schedule an appointment and learn more about whitening treatment with us, or use our convenient online booking tool