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Crowns & Bridges

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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges services offered in West Des Moines, IA

Crowns and bridges help revitalize a smile with gapped or damaged teeth. The team at Plaza Dental Group provides these dental restorations to patients at their office in West Des Moines, Iowa. If you think you could benefit from a crown or bridge, call the office or use the online booking tool to request a consultation.

What are crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns are porcelain “caps” bonded over a natural tooth to preserve its integrity. Bridges replace gaps in your smile. These two restorations are common ways to improve your smile’s appearance and oral health. 


Your dentist places crowns to restore the functionality of teeth that have undergone a root canal, are cracked, or have large fillings. Crowns also anchor bridges and cover metal dental implants. 


Bridges fill in the gap between your teeth caused by one or more missing teeth. A prosthetic tooth is anchored by two crowns to sit in the place left by a tooth lost to decay or injury. The bridge keeps your smile seamless and prevents surrounding teeth from slipping into the gap and misaligning your smile. 

What is it like to receive crowns and bridges?

Crowns and bridges usually require two visits. If you’re receiving a crown, your first visit involves preparing the tooth for the crown by shaving down a small portion of the enamel. Your dentist takes an impression of your tooth and sends it to a lab to make the crown. Meanwhile, you’re fit with a temporary restoration.

Once your crown comes in, you schedule a second appointment to have it bonded to your tooth. Your dentist refines your bite, and you leave with a complete, healthy smile. 

For bridges, your dentist prepares the teeth surrounding the gap for a crown. They’ll also take impressions that the dental lab uses to make your permanent restorations. You’re fit with temporary crowns in the meantime.

When your crowns and bridge return from the lab, your dentist carefully adheres the crowns to the anchoring teeth and places the bridge. They also ensure the bridge and crowns fit securely and feel comfortable in your mouth. 

How do I care for crowns and bridges?

Dental care for your crowns and bridges is much like for your natural teeth. Brush thoroughly and floss regularly. Schedule routine exams and professional cleanings, too. If you have a bridge, you benefit from a special flosser that enables you to get between the prosthetic tooth and the gums.

Call Plaza Dental Group to schedule an appointment to learn more about crowns and bridges. You can also use the online booking tool.