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Green Dentistry

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Green Dentistry

Green Dentistry services offered in West Des Moines, IA

Enroll in green dentistry if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, cut back on disposable medical supplies, and contribute to a more eco-friendly future. At Plaza Dental Group in West Des Moines, Iowa, the dental team practices green dentistry, improving the health and happiness of patients and the environment. To request a green dentistry consultation, call the office or use the online booking feature today.

What is green dentistry?

Green dentistry is an oral health subspecialty that emphasizes the relationship between your oral health and the health of the environment. Green dentistry has become increasingly popular over the last decade, thanks to improved research on global warming and climate change.

As green dentists, the team at Plaza Dental Group strives to prevent waste. They’ve implemented various protocols to reduce the practice’s carbon footprint, impacting the community and patient health for the better.

What makes green dentistry unique from other specialties?

At Plaza Dental Group, the team uses green dentistry to focus on three areas –– patient well-being, eco-friendly products, and the reduction of waste. 

Specifically, the team:

  • Implements steps to reduce waste and pollution
  • Conserves water and electricity
  • Integrates eco-friendly treatments in the office
  • Focuses on patients’ preferences
  • Applies non-toxic substances for fillings
  • Uses non-hazardous disinfectants when cleaning equipment

Using non-toxic and eco-friendly products ensures patients receive high-quality dental care that suits their unique lifestyles. It also reduces the risk of potential side effects, allowing for better treatment outcomes. 

Why is green dentistry so important?

Preventive oral health care is vital to your general well-being, but it also creates lots of waste. The Eco-Dentistry Association® says that each year, American dentists generate:

  • 3.7 tons of mercury waste
  • 4.8 million lead foils
  • 28 million liters of harmful X-ray film
  • 680 million light handle covers, bibs, and chair barriers

By partnering with the green dentists at Plaza Dental Group, you can contribute to a less polluted planet.

What are the benefits of green dentistry?

At the eco-friendly dental office of Plaza Dental Group, the team strives to reduce waste while conserving valuable resources like electricity and water. 

The dentists use environmentally friendly products in the best possible manner. They partner with a company that provides cost-effective, medical waste disposal.

Patients also benefit from green dentistry if they’d like to use non-toxic materials for their dental treatments. 

If you’re interested in learning more about green dentistry and how it impacts dental care, call Plaza Dental Group today. You can also use the online booking feature to make an appointment.